Frequently Asked Questions

Q I cannot find my product in “Quick Search”.
A Try searching on a single word or number. Example: “No10 HP 2000C 2000CN Yellow” Try the following searches:
1) No10
2) 2000
3) 2000CN or
4)HP 2000This narrows your search and will help you find the product much quicker.
Q Are my credit card details safe?
A Yes! Most definitely. When you place an order, you are automatically redirected to Payfast. When you arrive there, you will notice a lock appear in the bottom right hand corner of your screen. This means that your transaction is totally secure from any outside intervention. No one but you and the bank will be in possession of your credit card information.
Q Can you really deliver anywhere in Africa?
A Yes! In fact we can deliver anywhere in the world! uses various local and worldwide couriers. We try as far as possible for orders placed before 10:am (GMT +2:00hr Harare Pretoria) to deliver in Gauteng the next day. CT,DBN, PE & EL within 24hrs. 48 – 72 hours anywhere else in SA and the world.
Q What sort of guarantee do I get on products?
A We only supply the best products available in the world. You as the consumer have the option to order originals or compatibles. We do not supply refillables. In the interest of quality, refuses to sell refillable cartridges and refill kits for inkjet printers. Research has shown that the inks used for this type of replacement method are of an inferior quality and have been inadequately refined. Due to this the print heads on your printer which transport the ink from the cartridge to the paper get blocked and subsequently are damaged. The inks also do not dry properly and do not absorb easily into the paper causing damage to the printer rollers, reprints and increased maintenance costs. This cost saving method ends up costing you more money!
Q What is your refund policy?
A Only goods returned to us in the unopened original condition that the goods were supplied in will be considered for a refund. Goods returned due to incorrect orders being placed by the client will be considered for refund only if the goods are in their original condition and received within 7 working days of despatch from Any costs incurred by could be deducted from the refund amount should the refund be approved. Please refer to our Terms & Conditions for more information.
Q What if the product arrives damaged?
A No problem! All of the goods despatched from are insured. You will need to complete an insurance claim form which will be considered by our delivery fulfilment partner’s insurance company.
Q What does OEM mean?
A OEM means Original Equipment Manufacturer. Example Canon,HP,Lexmark etc
Q What is a compatible cartridge?
A A compatible cartridge is compatible with OEM, and is manufactured by a third party. Usually there is no difference in quality.
Q What is a remanufactured cartridge?
A A cartridge which has been used once, and is professionally cleaned, refilled and tested.
Q How does the LIVE ONLINE HELP work?
A Any questions you may have can be answered by one of our call centre operators instantly. Simply click on the “Operator Online” banner located at the top of the page. This opens a window “Online Help”, enter your name and “request Chat”. An operator will then assist you.